Real video showing binary fission in Euglena

video showing binary fission in euglena. useful for cbse class-x biology students. the animal moved away from the focus before complete separation.


In this real video, the yeast do reproductoin by budding. cbse class-x biology subject.

Some important questions for cbse class-x biology:

1. whatis binary fission?
2. what is gootee?

3. in which one redproduction  parental identity is maintained?
4. binary fission occurs in amoeba. true?
5. budding occurs in yeast. true?

6. meiosis taken plce in asexual reproduction. true?
7.   differentiate mitotic and amitotic

ans1. it is type of   asexual reproduction in which one indiviudal divides into two.
eg. amoeba,euglena,paramoecium are asexual anmals.

ans2. gootee: in branch of plant, a ring of bark is removed, the the portion above the ring swell and produces shoots. this shoot is called as goote.

ans 4. true. ans. 5 true. 6. false.

ans.7. if the nucleus is SPLIT into two, it is amitotic (amoeba) if the nuceus creates another copy of nucleus it is mitotic (yeast)

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