Stomata and temporry mount preparation - video

Try to answer the following questions:
1. Name the cells which surround the stoma
2. what is traspiration?
3. What is porometer?
4. what is potometer?
5. what is the type of stomata in xerophytes?
6. which plant opens the stomata during night?
7. what is stomata?
8. which inorganic ions helps in opening and closing stoma?

Ans.1  guard cells
Ans 2. loss of water from ther sruface of plants
ans 3. instrumetn used to measure the size of stomata

ans.4 instrumetn used to measure transpiration
ans5. sunken stomata
ans 6. opuntia - a xerophytic plant
ans 7. minute pores in the leaves surrounded by guard cells.a
ans8. K+

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