Video showing light is necessary for photosynthesis-CBSE-X-BIOLOGY

This video shows the experiment that Light is necesssary for photosynthesis.
Requirements for this experient: ganong's light screen, a potted pant, ethnol,iodine solution.
Principle: Photosynthesis is a biochemical process by which plants make their food (called as glucose or sucroser) using CO2 and H2O in the present of sunlight and chlorophyll.

6CO2 + 12H2O >>>>>>>>C6H12O6 + 6H2) + 6O2

What is  the differenece between chlorophyll and chloroplast? Green leaves contain chloroplast. Chrlorplast contas Chlorophyll. Chrlorophyll is used to convert solar energy to chemical energy.

After seeing the video animation, you should be able to answer the follwing quesations:
1. What you conclude by this experiment?
2. What is photosynthesis?
3. In what form does the movement of food occur in plants?
4. Oxygen is coming from CO2 or Water or Both?
5. Which material is used to identify the presence of starch in the leaf?
6. Boiling is for removing the starch or chlorophyll or stach?
7. In vibgyor, which color is used for photosynthesis?
8. In the dark reacton, CO2 is absorbed and O2 is released in the Light reacation. True?

ans 1: light is must for photosynthesis.
ans.2: It is the formation of food from CO2and H2O in the presence of chlrophyll and light.
ans 3. sucrose.
ans 4. water
ans.5 : iodine.
ans 6. chlorophyll
ans 7. blue and red
as 8. yes.

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