aerobic respiration experiment video for cbse class-x students

This video experiment shows how respiration takes plce in germinated seeds.Useful for cbse class-x students. This is chapter 3 of laboratory manual science (2009).

Important questions on cbse class -x r biology espiration
1. what is respiraton
2. which cell organelle is concrned with aerobic respiraton and which one is related to anaerobic respiration
3. Which chemcial is used to absorb CO2
4. what is fermentation??
5. what is ATP nnd ADP
6. respiration is anabolic. true or false?

Asn1 It is a biochemical process in which food is oxidised to release energy.
ans 2. mitochondria for aerobic and cytoplasm for anerobic
ans3. KOH
ans. 4 incomlete anaerobic ans 5. ATP=adenosine triphosphate. it is the energy currency of the cell.
   ADP =adenosine diphosphate
ans 5. no, respiration is ctabolic, photosynthesis is anabolic. catabolic means breaking of big molecules into smaller ones. but anabolic is joining of smaller molecules and making a bigger molecules.

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